Why the Energy Vampire Chose You?

Ever wonder why you find yourself surrounded by energy vampires? Maybe you have something to do with it? Chances are you are a very empathetic person. When you're an empathetic person, you don't just feel compassion for others; you feel these feelings as if they were your own. The definition of empathy means that you vicariously … Continue reading Why the Energy Vampire Chose You?

How to Block Energy Vampires

Before I tell you how to block these energy vampires it’s important to understand why an energy vampire is the way they are. Without going into too much detail... basically they are unconsciously trying to resolve a much deeper problem within themselves. They are drawn to YOU because... get this…they think YOU are the solution … Continue reading How to Block Energy Vampires

Types of Energy Vampires

Energy vampires are people who drain your energy by their negativity. They leave you feeling exhausted and confused. Victim - These types of energy vampires’ love to make you feel sorry for them. They do not take self-responsibility for their lives. How to deal- Don’t get involved in their self-pity. Limit your interaction with them if … Continue reading Types of Energy Vampires

Other Energy Vampire

Energy Vampires that are not always people. When you hear the term “Energy Vampire” you think of a person who constantly drains your energy. I want to tell you about the energy vampires that are not human beings but are draining you just the same.  They can also be situations or even physical objects in … Continue reading Other Energy Vampire

Dodging Energy Vampires

Dodging Energy Vampires

Dodging Energy Vampires: An Empath's Guide to Evading Relationships That Drain You and Restoring Your Health and Power by Christiane Northrup What is an energy vampire? Energy vampires are people who exhibit some personality disorder.  Energy vampires are people who... sometimes intentionally drain your emotional energy. They feed on your willingness to listen and care for them, … Continue reading Dodging Energy Vampires