Save Your Sanity & Save Money with Teladoc

Let me know if this situation sounds familiar. You left a message for your doctor. You are waiting for a call back from the nurse to see what to do next. You're already annoyed with the process. But there is a better way. You could have skipped 3 steps and talked directly to a Doctor … Continue reading Save Your Sanity & Save Money with Teladoc

Hidden Emotions of Anger (Anger Iceberg)

Is It Anger or Something else? We all get angry right? Yes, but anger doesn't just show up for no reason. Each time you get angry there is a deeper emotion underneath that brings the anger to the surface. So next time you feel angry, take a moment to try and find the source of … Continue reading Hidden Emotions of Anger (Anger Iceberg)

How to get FREE Therapy

Whatever the issue big or small this EAP (Employee Assistance Program) is awesome. I use it all the time for whatever is going on in my life. Each year you get 5 or more free therapy sessions per issue. That means if you use 5 sessions about financial problems you can request to get 5 more for family counseling. (NO COPAY) They are hoping you don't know this rule.

Sympathy vs. Empathy

This video on Sympathy vs. Empathy is amazing! Have you ever been in a situation where a friend or family member is struggling, and you are trying to help them, but you are wondering if you are actually helping or just making the situation worse? Knowing the difference between sympathy and empathy will make all … Continue reading Sympathy vs. Empathy

Why Energy Vampires Choose YOU?

Energy vampires are attracted to you because you are caring and emphatic. They unconsciously desire to resolve a deeper problem within their psyches — and they perceive YOU as the solution to their problems. Before I tell you why energy vampires choose you, it’s important to understand what an energy vampire is. Check out my … Continue reading Why Energy Vampires Choose YOU?

Minimalism: A Documentary about Important Things

This documentary has a strong message: We grow discontent very quickly as a human race and as a consequence we tend to live life forgetting what's actually important. The message comes down to "less is more" Watch this film if you want to be inspired. This documentary starts off with the young 30-something Joshua Fields … Continue reading Minimalism: A Documentary about Important Things

Playing With FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early)

This documentary is a wonderful introduction to FIRE. The film portrays two normal people on their path to change their life in pursuit of financial independence. Watch the trailer here. Documentary Summary This documentary will change the way you think about EVERYTHING! Playing with fire follows 35 year old Scott Rieckens, his wife Taylor, and … Continue reading Playing With FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early)