The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own

by Joshua Becker


This book is great for people who are feeling overwhelmed by their life. It really shifts your mindset to think differently. Before I read this book, I didn’t realize how much time and energy I was wasting on all my stuff. Most people don’t realize how much time it takes to maintain, clean and store all these things we have. Obviously it’s fine to own things that you actually use, but there is so much stuff that we spend more time moving from one place to another or cleaning than we do actually using it. In the past 3 years the average American home size has tripled. And still many people are renting offsite storage for the overflow of their excess stuff. What a waste of time and money.

How did this happen?

I think this great accumulation happened slowly. We have been fed this massive lie that if we own lots of stuff, we will be happy. The average American sees 5,000 ads every day so you can understand how this can happen, even to the best of us.

This book is free on Hoopla if you link it with your library card.

What makes us happy?

“Our excessive possessions are not making us happy. Even worse, they are taking us away from the things that do. Once we let go of the things that don’t matter, we are free to pursue all the things that really do matter.”   – Joshua Becker

Joshua Becker describes minimalism like this: “Minimalism: the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from them.”


The big takeaway from this message is that “minimalism” isn’t as drastic as you may think. Once you read this book you’ll be motivated to purge. The best part is you will think twice before you buy that next useless purchase. This book opens your eyes to how much of a distraction our possessions can be. Watch the documentary: Playing with FIRE to learn more about this lifestyle. And always remember that if something is really important to you and brings you joy, then by all means keep it! You don’t need to get rid of everything. Read or listen to this book on Hoopla and let me know what you think. The book is free on Hoopla if you link your library card with the Hoopla app. Let me know if it changed your mind about having so much stuff.

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