Sympathy vs. Empathy

This video on Sympathy vs. Empathy is amazing! Have you ever been in a situation where a friend or family member is struggling, and you are trying to help them, but you are wondering if you are actually helping or just making the situation worse? Knowing the difference between sympathy and empathy will make all the difference.
Sympathy is feeling compassion, sorrow, or pity for the hardships that another person encounters.
Empathy is putting yourself in the shoes of another, which is why actors often talk about it.

Watch this Video

Watch this video to really understand what the difference is. I’m embarrassed to say I (incorrectly) tend to use sympathy by always try to point out the silver lining to make the person feel better. Now that I’ve learned the difference between sympathy and empathy, I will just try to be there with someone who is sad or angry instead of trying to make them feel better. When you know better you do better. Watch the Video it’s so GOOD.

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