Minimalism: A Documentary about Important Things

This documentary has a strong message: We grow discontent very quickly as a human race and as a consequence we tend to live life forgetting what’s actually important. The message comes down to “less is more” Watch this film if you want to be inspired.

This documentary starts off with the young 30-something Joshua Fields Millburn taking a look at this life after his marriage ended and his mother’s died in the same month. These events caused him to step back and take a hard look at this life. On paper he was living the American dream. He was young, making six figure income, living in a beautiful home, driving an expensive car and owned all the latest gadgets. This deep analysis of his life made him realize that the more he bought, the more it fed his anxiety, financial stress, guilt and depression. Joshua had hit rock bottom.

A documentary about the important things.

Around this time he happened to stumble across the “Minimalist Movement”, and after researching it he started getting rid of some stuff he didn’t need. As he did this, little by little he noticed that he began to feel more free and less anxious without all the clutter. He decided to keep only items that served a specific purpose or brought him joy. After doing this he gained great clarity about the life choices he needed to make next. He started to feel optimistic about his future.

One day his best friend of 20 years, Ryan, asked him an interesting question: “Why the hell are you so happy?”

Clutter is bad for your physical and mental health. It reduces mental clarity.

After reflecting on what Joshua explained to him about the major changes he made in his life, Ryan decided to join Joshua on the minimalist journey. Together they eventually started a website in 2010 to help others simplify their lives.

This movie will make you think about what’s really important (Watch the trailer here). It will make you realize that stuff does not make us happy. It actually takes away from our happiness. Managing all of our stuff takes away time from all the things that really matter to us. All of our things need putting away and taking care of. Subconsciously we feel like all our items are calling for our attention when all we need to do if focus on what matters to us. What a distraction! Look around at your belongings and ask yourself these two questions: 1) “Is this useful?, 2)Does it bring me joy?” If the answer is no, you should think seriously about whether or not it deserves to take up space in your home.

The benefits of minimalism

Here are some benefits of minimalism that I’ve compiled from various blogs dedicated to educating people about minimalism. These blogs include The Minimalists and Miss Minimalist. Both of these blogs discuss such benefits as:

  • Freedom from financial worry;
  • Thinking more clearly (Getting rid of clutter will free your mind);
  • More time spent on experiences rather than stuff (think of taking adventures with your kids instead of always cleaning up toys because you’re always in the house);
  • More happiness and less stress (people will notice there’s something different about you. You’ll seem more calm and at peace);
  • Going green (all this stuff that we don’t need ends up in a landfill some day)

Take pictures

Once you figure out what you want to get rid of; take pictures and post it on websites like Letgo, Offer Up, Facebook Marketplace or wherever you can post in your local community. All of these resources are great and if you price your stuff right you will get buyers. If it’s too junky to sell, you can just donate it to your local charity.

This is so easy to do. Just download the apps mentioned above to your phone or go online and follow the instructions. Since apps are easier to use than the websites I recommend trying this on your smart phone.

Don’t let your stuff pile up or it will become overwhelming. Try to get rid of stuff as soon you don’t need it anymore. To be honest, it can get sort of addictive so let this be your warning. There’s something about blessing someone else with things that you no longer need. You make a little cash and you know it’s going to a good home. It make’s the whole process so much easier. Start small by setting a goal to sell 5 things you totally don’t need and take it from there. I’m telling you you’ll be hooked.

The minimalists definition of happiness

“A life filled with passion and freedom in which we grow as individuals and contribute beyond ourselves. Growth and contribution: those are the bedrocks of happiness. Not stuff.”

Watch this documentary and it will inspire you to live lighter and enjoy your life so much more. Another great resource to help you understand the importance of minimalism is a book called “The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own”. You can get it for free in audio/or print version on HOOPLA. If you are intrigued by this lifestyle check out This Documentary Playing with Fire and this video is great as well.

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