Why the Energy Vampire Chose You?

Ever wonder why you find yourself surrounded by energy vampires? Maybe you have something to do with it? Chances are you are a very empathetic person. When you’re an empathetic person, you don’t just feel compassion for others; you feel these feelings as if they were your own. The definition of empathy means that you vicariously experience the thoughts and feelings of others. Empaths are like sponges with other peoples feelings. Energy vampires are attracted to you because they unconsciously want to resolve a deeper problem in themselves and get this…they think YOU are the solution to their problems. For more info and a great book recommendation see Dodging Energy Vampires.

Energy vampires prey on others because they are in pain.  You are not responsible for resolving their issues. They are responsible for sorting out their issues with a qualified professional. You may be a highly empathetic caring person and because this is who you are you actively attract energy vampires into your life unknowingly.

For more information see all the different types of energy vampires. How to block energy vampires and Other Energy Vampires that are present in your life and aren’t even people.

Energy Vampire are drawn to empathetic people like magnets.

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