Other Energy Vampire

Energy Vampires that are not always people. When you hear the term “Energy Vampire” you think of a person who constantly drains your energy.

I want to tell you about the energy vampires that are not human beings but are draining you just the same.  They can also be situations or even physical objects in your life. Form more information on Types of human energy vampires read this.

  • The internet
  • The TV and or Netflix
  • Other electronic devices (e.g., the radio, cell phone, etc.)
  • Loud noises, Street sounds and bright lights
  • Public situations (e.g., crowds, parties, train stations, shopping centers, etc.)
  • Animals (e.g., difficult pets)
  • Eating an unhealthy diet
  • Dwelling in the past
  • Taking things personally
  • Holding onto anger and resentment
  • Clutter*

Don’t let this stuff or emotional baggage steal your wonderful energy. It’s going to take work but you got this! Take Action

What are your experiences with other energy vampires? I’d love to hear.

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