Turn off the TV… This is so much better

Turn off the TV… this is so much better.

Most of us severely underestimate ourselves and our potential. We are just floating through life with no direction. In the 1800s, you had an excuse. You probably were born on a farm, worked on that farm, and died in that farmhouse. But we are closing in on 2020! It’s literally the FUTURE and everything you need to grow, learn, change, and prosper is literally in your fingertips (*hint hint it’s that smartphone that you spend hours on mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and Instagram). These little devices are powerful teaching machines if we stop wasting our time on them and start using them for our own (and the worlds’) benefit.

We are selling ourselves short and we are leaving our lives up to chance and up to other people. We need to always remember that we are our own greatest asset. We should be in the driver’s seat of our lives and it is up to us to learn how to drive our life in the right direction. Once we realize that we are in control, we understand how important it is to always be working on ourselves. Just a little bit every day is all it takes.

Jason and I get the majority of our knowledge, motivation, and practical advice through audiobooks. Who ever thought that “books on tape” would one day be such a game-changer? There are thousands of audiobooks that can help you with a specific issue like Finances, Marriage, Time Management, etc. We LOVE it all and it’s so easy to get hooked. Audiobooks get us through the boring and mundane parts of our day and make daily chores interesting and valuable.

We listen while folding laundry, cleaning the house, preparing meals, driving, taking a shower, taking a walk, getting ready in the morning, getting ready for bed, doing yardwork, doing mindless tasks at work, etc. It’s amazing how many hours in a day are filled with mindless tasks that can be enhanced by listening to an audiobook.  You might even have a job that is so mindless (I’m looking at you truck-drivers) that you could listen to audiobooks 8 hours a day. That is an incredible amount of learning!

The beauty is that you don’t need to create extra time in your day to listen to audiobooks. The time is already there! For me and Jason, listening to audiobooks keeps our minds focused on improving our lives instead of just passing the time away during the mundane parts of our day. We are learning so much. We keep joking to each other that we both went to college for 4 years and we are getting a so much more practical and useful education just from listening to these audio books in our spare time.

If you are like us you are going to love what we are about to share. Most of you are probably aware of Audible, which is a paid audiobook service through Amazon. There are a ton of selections on Audible and we think it’s totally worth it. But if you want to give audiobooks a try for free, then discover the magic of Hoopla.

Hoopla is a free app that you can link with your free library card. All you have to do is find a library that offers Hoopla and sign up for a card there. We live in a township that doesn’t offer Hoopla at our local library, but the library in our closest major city does offer Hoopla, so we easily got a card there online and linked it with the Hoopla app and now our whole family is listening to audio books for free. What I like about Hoopla vs. Overdrive or any other free listening services is that it’s so easy to use. Give it a try and you’ll see what we mean. (TAKE ACTION)

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