Going through some tough times? Good! This is an opportunity for growth.

The best way out is always through.

— Robert Frost.

Going through some tough times? Good! This is an opportunity for growth

I’d be willing to bet that you are dealing with one or more of these issues right now:

  • Your marriage is on the rocks;
  • The kids are not listening;
  • You are way too busy and overwhelmed;
  • Your job is slowly (or quickly) killing you

Lately I find myself experiencing Deja vu because everyone I talk to is suffering one or more of these issues. Everyone I know is in pain don’t know where to turn to start building a better life.

We have been through a lot ourselves.  Our marriage struggled, finances were tight, loved ones passed away, medical issues started popping up, and toxic relationships were all around.  These things seemed to come at us all at once and, to be honest, it was brutal.

We wanted to give up. It definitely felt like we were hitting “rock bottom”. And when you’re at or close to rock bottom, I believe there are two choices. You can either give up (i.e. divorce, drugs, alcohol, cheating, floating through a miserable life binge-watching Netflix every night just for a minor escape), or you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start living intentionally. Figure out the work that you need to do and get to it. Nobody is going to change your life for you. You might even get to the point where significant people in your life seem to give up on you or seem to not even care about you anymore. If this happens, you need to look in the mirror and commit to take action.

For me, this meant reading anything I could get my hands on. I went on a “self-help” binges using audiobooks as my guide. I was never much of a reader but with so many books available in audio format; I now have a wealth of information on my phone that I could access at any time. It is literally like having a therapist in your pocket. At first, I felt lost but I just kept reading, absorbing, listening, and reflecting. Soon one book turns into five books and before you know it, you will have dozens of books in your “wish list” lined up for consumption. Books also lead you to podcasts, documentaries, and blogs, which lead to more books, podcasts, movies and blogs. We truly live in an amazing time where there is almost unlimited access to information, advice, and help on literally every topic.

For a while, I didn’t recognize the progress I was making. But at some point, I started to realize that actual changes were happening in my life. Slowly but surely, problem by problem, things were falling into place. I read a few books on marriage and I noticed changes in my marriage. I read some real estate books that gave me confidence to actually buy a rental property. I read books about MS, which helped me learn how to manage stress and change my diet. This was so powerful that even my MS went into remission. The more I learned the more I wanted to learn. It’s definitely one of the healthiest “addictions” I can think of.

It took Jason a little longer to get into audiobooks, but he is (was) generally a lot more resistant to any kind of change. He started listing to audiobooks and before long, he was hooked too.  Together, we started reading every book we could get our hands on to help us with whatever issue we were having. If the kids weren’t listening, we got tips from the best parenting books. If our finances were disheveled, we read finance books. Some books were so good, we read them over and over again until it sunk in. And low and behold, things started to improve! The kids were listening better, we were finding ways to save money and invest. Our marriage and our other relationships were getting better. There was also a huge added bonus from both of us reading audiobooks. For a while, I felt like I was alone in this process, but now that Jason and I are on this journey together, we’ve had endless conversations about the books we are reading and the things we are learning. We are able to share, grow, and work together. Isn’t that what a marriage is supposed to be?

We learned quickly that if we focused and tackled things head on we could actually fix many of the issues we were having in our life.   We could not have done this without developing the habit of listening to audiobooks and filling our minds with some of the best books around. It literally changed our lives. We want to share this process with as many people as we can so others can stop suffering and start making real change. If you want a better marriage, better finances and more joy, we can show you what worked for us.  We are Diana and Jason and we want the world to know that if you put in the work and fill your brain with helpful and entertaining audiobooks, you can live a more joyful life. Seriously, it will change you for the better. We have grown so much. We are so passionate about this that we feel called to share it with others. We are confident that if you give it a try and Take Action you will see what we mean.

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